To Clarify

And just to clarify, the Anglo professor who announced that Mistral isn’t a woman is a professor of English who works at an English literature department at a fancy schmancy school. A very brilliant person who’s part of the movement to make Hispanic Studies part of English lit not only formally but ideologically. The panel was on Hispanic lit, which is why I went. But out of the 5 speakers, only two work at Spanish departments. Only one was actually Hispanic, and she was also the only one timidly to object to the idea that Mistral was a dude.

2 thoughts on “To Clarify”

  1. “a professor of English who works at an English literature department’

    Now that’s real cultural imperialism, don’t hold your breath for progressives to notice that though.

    I’ll mention that when I was in (public) high school what little we read from other cultures was always presented without any reference to what language it was originally written in and no reference was made to the idea that we were reading translations. I more or less assumed that Tolstoy and Cervantes and Anatole France had written in English (teachers never said that but on the other hand no one ever said they didn’t which would have been….. helpful).

    The idea that other cultures and languages were worthy of study (beyond learning how to say hello to the natives when traveling) was completely absent.

    I don’t know how general that experience was or how much (if at all) that has changed.


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