Conspiracy Theorizing

The Ukrainian plane was shot down in Iran at the exact moment when Ukraine’s president was in Oman. Nobody knows why he was in Oman.

Oman and Iran share a maritime border. Ukraine has no interests in Oman, obviously.

I’m boarding a plane home but I want to leave people with something to read and discuss. It’s always sad to get off a plane and see no new comments

2 thoughts on “Conspiracy Theorizing”

  1. Incidents like this always break my heart. No matter how hard I try I cannot understand why some people(or group(s) of people feel the need to be so evil. No matter what reason they supposedly feel quantifies their actions killing innocent people can have no reason. The only realistic effect is an innumerable amount of heartbreak doe so many.


    1. All the evidence now suggests that this was actually an accident. The plane was shot down just four hours after Iran had sent missiles into American bases in Iraq. Trump had promised retaliation inside Iran, in response to any Iranian attacks. So the Iranian forces were on high alert, and made a mistake.

      As for why anyone ever kills innocents, I would think that normally it is regarded as a necessary evil to fight another evil, a side effect of actions meant to avenge or prevent deaths somewhere else.


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