I want my theoretical chapter for the volume on intersectionality and transnationalism to be absolutely ferocious. If we are now at the stage where the job of the feminist academics is to celebrate Instagram as an agent of feminist liberation, somebody has got to say something.

It’s scary because you mention surveillance capitalism to these young people, and they sincerely don’t understand what the big deal is. But I can share photos of my hair! they say. That’s liberating!

I mean, for real, that was the level of the discourse.

No, I’m still not over it.

5 thoughts on “Ferocious”

  1. “I can share photos of my hair! they say. That’s liberating!”

    Infantilization again! Brought up on a diet of mindless ‘resistance’ with no real target they’re stuck at rebelling against mean old dad and mom who don’t like the way they do their hair or dress (or makeup or tattoo or whatever).

    To them broadcasting their hair and dress and outrageous! behavior is rebellion just as it is to teens who can’t believe how dumb their parents are being.


    1. When I observed that these social media influencers get paid for hair product placement, the reaction was that of sullen resentment. It’s like when you tell a 30-year-old living in his parents’ basement that he won’t become a rock star.


    1. I’m not done with mine either. But if you need an extra week or 10 days, let me know, OK? It’s not like I’ll be able to read all the chapters at once.

      Let’s be fluid but in a good way. :-))

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