Unfilled Scrips

Warren is such a dishonest piece of ridiculousness. She’s claiming that the 36 million unfilled prescriptions from last year are the result of people choosing between medicine and groceries. Which is patently nuts.

I haven’t filled about 90% of my prescriptions. And most everybody I know don’t feel half of theirs. Because shit gets over-prescribed. I’ve been prescribed the craziest shit for some very minor complaints that resolve on their own within a couple of days. Klara got prescribed antibiotics for a minor scratch on her thumb (“she probably doesn’t need it but just in case.”) Obviously, I refused to fill it. What am I now, a starvation victim?

This is so pathetically dishonest.

36 million prescriptions in a year is one scrip per every ten people. Let’s ask who’s prescribing all this shit and how much healthcare we’ll need if we do take it all.


Unbelievable, but I am watching the debate, even of with an almost hour-long delay.

Will be posting updates in this thread.

3 mins in – I’m falling asleep. Who the ef cares what anybody said about Iraq or Afghanistan in the times of Methuselah?

6 mins in – these people have learned nothing. Nothing. “I was against the war in Iraq” was a winning argument in 20-fucking-08. Move on already.

9 mins in (yes, I fast-forwarded through Buttigieg’s answer because come on) – has nobody mentioned to Warren that every single opponent of Trump in the primary answered with “it starts with…” AND LOST. “It starts with” is a weak-ass, evasive, impotent answer.

15 mins in – Bernie and Biden give identical responses on foreign policy. Identical, word for word. Woe be onto us.

23 mins in – Warren is doing a lot better than Bernie on foreign policy. His “rebuild NATO” is ludicrous. And she’s all “let’s just get out already.” And I agree.

26 mins – Buttigieg is so incredibly dumb. “We need to engage the new leaders emerging in the world in preventing Iran from getting the nukes.” Has he had a lobotomy?

36 mins – Bernie has clearly decided to ditch workers to please wokesters. Who cares about anything else at this point? The debate is done.

46 mins – oh God, Warren is disgusting. Vomit, vomit, vomit. And more vomit.

Tonight’s Debate

I do want to watch tonight’s debate if only to see the flailing and desperate Warren try ineffectually to attack Bernie as a “sexist.” I mean, you’ve got to be beyond all reason to do something like this. It’s already been done by the Hillary crowd, and it was pathetic even back then.

And I will watch, even if I have to record and watch later. But Klara’s been talking literally non-stop after 4 days with her father, and yesterday it took until 10:30 pm to get her to stop chattering and fall asleep.

Stephen King

Shit, I just bought a 1,000-page collection of short stories by Stephen King, and now it turns out he’s an enemy of humanity.

Maybe let’s stop reading completely because there’s no guarantee any writer won’t at some time sin against the gods of diversity or hasn’t done so in the past.

The Same Boring Complaint

At the conference, I had a very typical – and, frankly, very boring – conversation with colleagues who first express extreme shock that I don’t teach my daughter to speak my language and then detail their intense, excruciating, and completely futile efforts to teach their language to their kids. Everybody’s kids are much older than Klara, and everybody’s experience is that of complete and abject failure. Yet everybody is shocked that I don’t want to repeat the same useless journey.

One colleague shared how her college-age kids started saying things like, “what do you know? You are an immigrant. Ah, just keep silent already, immigrant.” Obviously, there’s much more than language resentment here but maybe let’s stay off my case given that your experience hasn’t been amazing?

First Day of Class

I don’t know how it works but every semester I get better students than before. I just met this semester’s students, and they seem great. Even the ones in the early 9:30 am class that nobody wants to take are super engaged.

I’m doing two sections of my Hispanic poetry class and my favorite class on contemporary Latin America. I was going to let them go early but the class time somehow ran out without me even noticing.