Symbolic Wins Are Dead

I will never understand how Warren can try to play the idiotic “vote for me because I have a vagina” card when we just saw it not working for Hillary. It doesn’t work! Nobody cares! Obama killed Big Symbolic Identity wins forever.

11 thoughts on “Symbolic Wins Are Dead”

            1. It’s especially a letdown after the debate before this one, which was a pretty good debate. A mix of serious policy discussion along with some good “zingers” and excitement. I even felt optimistic and happy at some points during it, rare for me when I’m thinking about the Democratic primary. There was decent moderation, which I didn’t appreciate at the time but I definitely do after the terrible moderation at this one.

              Here we had inane questions from dull, stupid women, as well as clear anti-Bernie bias (and I generally scoff and roll my eyes at people whining about bias against him.) I hope to never have to hear about the plight of “insurance towns” again. What next, should we mourn the hardworking men and women of Wall Street whose livelihoods will be hurt if we regulate the banks? And the candidates weren’t much better. I had difficulty even paying attention. Empty suit Pete was the worst, obviously, but the others weren’t far behind (we’re pretending creepy Tom Steyer wasn’t there for the sake of our mental wellbeing.) I declare Biden the winner, not because he did a good job but because he skated by without getting criticized much or drawing much attention to himself at all. Describes his whole campaign pretty well, really.

              Bonus debate moment: Bernie and Warren have an altercation after the debate, Warren refuses to shake his hand, Tom Steyer hovers awkwardly nearby


              1. I was floored when the moderator asked Bernie about the “sexist” comment like it was a proven fact and then pressed on like it was still a proven fact. It was really shocking.

                And Warren really reminded me of Hillary with her willingness to say or do absolutely anything and a complete lack of principle.


  1. I was really disappointed by Warren last night. (I have been a Warren supporter up to now.) I think she has been manipulated into this fight with Bernie by the media and/or some part of her campaign staff, but she didn’t handle it well at all. She shouldn’t have confirmed that initial media report and she should have shut the topic down in the debate instead of going on and on about it. This is unfortunately reminiscent of the whole Trump/Pocahontas/Native American DNA test debacle, another media situation in which she gave oxygen to something that she should have shut down. I still like many of her policy proposals, but I am worried that she would not do well in handling attacks during the general election.

    I was also impressed by Klobuchar. I thought she did much better than in the previous debates I had watched.


    1. The whole discussion is inane. If he did say something to the effect that voters might be disinclined to vote for a woman, it’s the same point Hillary has been making non-stop since 2008, and nobody said it’s sexist.


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