Tonight’s Debate

I do want to watch tonight’s debate if only to see the flailing and desperate Warren try ineffectually to attack Bernie as a “sexist.” I mean, you’ve got to be beyond all reason to do something like this. It’s already been done by the Hillary crowd, and it was pathetic even back then.

And I will watch, even if I have to record and watch later. But Klara’s been talking literally non-stop after 4 days with her father, and yesterday it took until 10:30 pm to get her to stop chattering and fall asleep.

10 thoughts on “Tonight’s Debate”

  1. I don’t think Warren started (or wanted) the recent discussion of Bernie’s reported remarks about a woman being able to win. It sounds like someone in her campaign knew about this conversation and leaked it thinking it would help her, but they are wrong about that and I think Warren knows it. In the end, this probably winds up hurting both Bernie and Warren and driving support to Biden.

    I know you are not a fan of Warren, but she is the closest to Bernie in her positions and I fear Biden will be a giant disaster if he is the candidate.


    1. I don’t think she’s very close to Bernie. I think she’s closer to Hillary, to be honest. But setting that aside, do you really think she’d stand up to Trump in a debate? It’s a sincere question because I’m just not seeing it.


      1. I’d put Warren between Bernie and Hillary on the political spectrum, but she is closer to Bernie than anyone else running this time. I think she would stand up to Trump, though I am not sure if her style will be effective with many of the people she will need to convince.


      1. Also, purely from a perspective of self-interest, the only person who might’ve been willing to make her his VP or appoint her to his cabinet. Pretty sure she’s burnt that bridge now though.


  2. The Great Debate is underway! So far it’s very boring — no fireworks from anybody.

    Right now Biden is the only relatively sane person on stage. He’s actually making reasonable statements about the military and terrorism.


  3. NOW the big question about Bernie’s sexism is coming up. Warren has just pointed out that “All the men on this stage have lost [numerous] elections, while the only people standing up here who’ve never lost an election are the women!” (Thunderous applause!!)

    …Almost ten minutes later, Warren is still talking about how women candidates are superior to men. 🙂 🙂


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