Unfilled Scrips

Warren is such a dishonest piece of ridiculousness. She’s claiming that the 36 million unfilled prescriptions from last year are the result of people choosing between medicine and groceries. Which is patently nuts.

I haven’t filled about 90% of my prescriptions. And most everybody I know don’t feel half of theirs. Because shit gets over-prescribed. I’ve been prescribed the craziest shit for some very minor complaints that resolve on their own within a couple of days. Klara got prescribed antibiotics for a minor scratch on her thumb (“she probably doesn’t need it but just in case.”) Obviously, I refused to fill it. What am I now, a starvation victim?

This is so pathetically dishonest.

36 million prescriptions in a year is one scrip per every ten people. Let’s ask who’s prescribing all this shit and how much healthcare we’ll need if we do take it all.

5 thoughts on “Unfilled Scrips”

  1. Bad medicine!

    “Klara got prescribed antibiotics for a minor scratch on her thumb (‘she probably doesn’t need it but just in case.’)”

    Prescribing oral antibiotics when they aren’t indicated (chest infections that are obviously viral, minor skin scratches that don’t show signs of even localized infection) is borderline malpractice. It wastes patients’ money, exposes them unnecessarily to possible allergic reactions to medication, and encourages the evolution of antibiotic-resistant bacteria that the patient can spread to others.

    If you want to sue the quack, have your lawyer contact me — we can discuss my very reasonable fees as an expert witness.


    1. Exactly. I don’t get this “just in case” approach. It was the same with my oxycodone prescriptions. “But I’m not in pain!” “I understand but just in case you do feel pain.”

      I’m glad they are at least not amputating anything just in case.


      1. “I’m glad they are at least not amputating anything just in case.”

        Angelina Jolie had a double masectomy…. essentially ‘just in case’ (she didn’t use that phrase but that was the reasoning).


  2. Do you think this is happening more than it used to do? I do NOT remember being overprescribed when I was a child / teenager, for instance — they were very picky about not overdoing it. Now it seems to be in fashion to overdo…


    1. I’m guessing it has changed because I finally found a doctor who was not an eager prescriber and… she just went and retired. So she obviously was an older generation. The two young ones who took over the practice are prescribing tons of stuff I don’t need but can’t fill a single prescription I do need. I made yet another fruitless trip to the pharmacy today. It’s a circus on wheels.


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