Unbelievable, but I am watching the debate, even of with an almost hour-long delay.

Will be posting updates in this thread.

3 mins in – I’m falling asleep. Who the ef cares what anybody said about Iraq or Afghanistan in the times of Methuselah?

6 mins in – these people have learned nothing. Nothing. “I was against the war in Iraq” was a winning argument in 20-fucking-08. Move on already.

9 mins in (yes, I fast-forwarded through Buttigieg’s answer because come on) – has nobody mentioned to Warren that every single opponent of Trump in the primary answered with “it starts with…” AND LOST. “It starts with” is a weak-ass, evasive, impotent answer.

15 mins in – Bernie and Biden give identical responses on foreign policy. Identical, word for word. Woe be onto us.

23 mins in – Warren is doing a lot better than Bernie on foreign policy. His “rebuild NATO” is ludicrous. And she’s all “let’s just get out already.” And I agree.

26 mins – Buttigieg is so incredibly dumb. “We need to engage the new leaders emerging in the world in preventing Iran from getting the nukes.” Has he had a lobotomy?

36 mins – Bernie has clearly decided to ditch workers to please wokesters. Who cares about anything else at this point? The debate is done.

46 mins – oh God, Warren is disgusting. Vomit, vomit, vomit. And more vomit.

3 thoughts on “Watching!”

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