Told You So

Dick Durbin is trying to convince Trump to keep his promises on immigration:

President Trump promised to put American workers first, but his Administration has dramatically increased the number of guest worker visas. This hurts American & immigrant workers. Read my bipartisan letter warning the Administration not to repeat this mistake again this year:

You can’t make this shit up.

The Catch

Here’s an interesting article on the results of free college in Scotland.

For those who are tired of clicking, here’s a brief recap. College is free but the austerity hasn’t magically disappeared. Because why on Earth would it? So colleges limit the number of Scottish students they accept and instead eagerly recruit non-EU foreign students. Because that’s where the money is.

As was to be expected, the free college idea turned out to be yet another strategy to enhance flows of population.

If an idea is eagerly embraced by the high and mighty, there’s always some neoliberal catch.

Digital Natives

All of the complaints about the supposed complexity of the payment system in our association always come from members under 30 years of age. Our system is PayPal, by the way. So it isn’t anything very outlandish.

Members in their sixties and seventies only find the system difficult if they ask graduate students to make the payment.

I don’t want to be a curmudgeon but I’m tired of endless complaints about something I find to be trivial.

Roque Dalton

Today is the first real day of class in my course on Hispanic poetry that I designed in lieu of a traditional language course. We will be reading Roque Dalton, the great Salvadoran poet.

I can’t believe I developed the whole course, readings and everything in under 3 hours. I’m going to approximate the class environment to that of a bunch of friends getting together to talk about poetry. This is why we won’t even be staying in the classroom.

I’m really excited, and I haven’t been excited about a language course in years. Possibly, decades.