The Catch

Here’s an interesting article on the results of free college in Scotland.

For those who are tired of clicking, here’s a brief recap. College is free but the austerity hasn’t magically disappeared. Because why on Earth would it? So colleges limit the number of Scottish students they accept and instead eagerly recruit non-EU foreign students. Because that’s where the money is.

As was to be expected, the free college idea turned out to be yet another strategy to enhance flows of population.

If an idea is eagerly embraced by the high and mighty, there’s always some neoliberal catch.

10 thoughts on “The Catch”

  1. Oh, I went to practically free college in California. You had to be a resident. Law was that at least x% of CA high school graduates had to get into each state institution. Then the rest of the places could go to out of state and international students, for (much) higher tuition. It was “free” in the sense that you had already paid for it, via taxes.


    1. That was way before the 21st century austerity, though. Illinois is a broke state. What are the chances this won’t be tried to palm off higher ed costs onto the colleges themselves? How can we trust these people?


      1. We’re not really broke, we just pretend. California destroyed its system by cutting state support for it, and putting that money elsewhere. It’s a dramatic example because what they had was so good. But of course Louisiana has made yet deeper cuts, in an absolute sense. But this isn’t about NEEDING to do it — it’s a political decision


          1. Forget Reagan, the UC system bars a huge chunk of the applicant pool for jobs from even applying if they fail to get the appropriate diversity score. And you know the result? Completely corrupt hiring. Laughably, pathetically corrupt. I’m not assuming this. I have a story I witnessed personally. I’m not sharing it because I’m scared of these people but I can say that Reagan definitely didn’t cause this 3rd-world type of extreme corruption.


            1. To give a general understanding of the kind of corruption I’m talking about, let’s say you are the chair of the History department. And your boyfriend is an assistant professor of musicogy elsewhere. You give him tenure at your department and a job as a professor of history specializing in US Civil War. That kind of corruption.

              I say, defund these bastards today.


            2. The defunding happened before this diversity score thing. But I’ve always been a lot more concerned about their deep involvement in the military industrial complex.


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