Acknowledge the University of Washington campus is on land stolen from Native Americans. Use gender-neutral, culturally diverse names in examples. Stop believing being overweight is unhealthy.

I understand how you can acknowledge and use. But I very sincerely don’t understand how you can stop believing. I especially don’t understand how you can stop believing something that’s demonstrably true on orders from your employer.

I still remember being proud of supporting the party of science and facts. And now we are all about bullying people into believing ridiculous, unscientific crap. It’s embarrassing.

Another newsflash is that professors are supposed to police our speech to eradicate words like “of course” and “obviously.” Because they create an appearance of competence, and God forbid anybody thinks we see ourselves as competent. I mean, what about the people who are dumb? It’s not inclusive to let them realize they are dumb.

5 thoughts on “Anti-science”

  1. What would happen if the Native Americans presented a bill for rent for the campus? Then the university administration who acknowledged their land was stolen would say, “oh… we didn’t mean THAT.” That’s what I hate about the kind of virtue signaling; it is completely vacuous, without real consequences.

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    1. “the Native Americans presented a bill for rent for the campus? ”

      The louder people moan and whine about facilities on ‘stolen land’ the less intention they have of acknowledging native ownership.


  2. I feel sorry for your university. And probably for the state of higher education in general. But I’m not sure that being overweight is necessarily unhealthy. You’d have to define overweight.


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