The NYTimes Endorsement

The New York Times didn’t think it was enough to spite Bernie by endorsing Warren.

Oh, no. They really needed to stick it to him.

So they endorsed two people simultaneously. Warren and Klobuchar.

I have no idea why they abstained from really driving the point home and endorsing the entire population of the planet except for Bernie.

Really tells you all you need to know about who’s the establishment candidate and who sticks in the establishment’s craw, doesn’t it?

7 thoughts on “The NYTimes Endorsement”

  1. I just woke up temporarily at local AZ time (12:30 a.m.), and haven’t seen the bizarre “double ladies with opposite political viewpoints” that the NYT has somehow selected in an apparent attempt to blow the two heading Democratic men, whose views are very similar to those of the two heading women, out of the water.

    Bernie is leading Warren by far in his quest for the loony Socialist candidate that will go down flames in a general election. Affable nobody Klobuchar has utterly no chance of taking the position of “moderate voters’s desperate hope for a candidate who actually stands a chance of beating Trump” from Biden.

    Apparently, the NYC recognizes that, barring an unexpected miracle, Trump is cruising to reelection, and at least wants the losing Democrat to be a politically WOK woman.

    Well, bedtime, will see any replies, if any are thrown my way, in mid-morning. Goodnight!


  2. I’m honestly surprised they didn’t endorse Biden. He’s the absolute safest bet for not really changing anything and the most likely to lose to Trump. Though at this point I’m not sure anyone is going to be able to beat Trump. 😦


    1. It is an endorsement of Biden in practical terms. Currently, it’s between him and Bernie and a clear condemnation of Bernie that this endorsement represents doesn’t help the hopeless Klobuchar (whom I actually like). It helps Biden.


      1. But why didn’t they just outright endorse Biden if that’s who they want to help. Biden is polling well, he’s a known quantity, and African Americans seem to like him better than everyone else. What does the NYT have to lose in endorsing him?


  3. “It is an endorsement of Biden in practical terms.”

    As is dragging Sanders back to Washington DC so that instead of campaigning he’ll be taking part in the the idiotic and empty impeachment drahma that has no chance of success…

    The dem establishment clearly wants Biden over Sanders, because should he accidentally win he can be easily controlled.

    The dems are so completely hopeless I can’t imagine a sane and halfway informed person voting for Biden in the general…

    (and the paranoid part of me that loves conspiracy theories is wondering if all this is to pave the way for She Who Must Not Be Named to try again….)


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