Another Good Podcast

Turns out Brendan O’Neill has a podcast, too. And as much as I hate any genre where there are no words to stare at, it’s a good podcast. I listened to the most recent episode with someone called Laurence Fox, and it’s very good.

O’Neill and Fox say that the essence of totalitarianism is making people say stuff they know to be untrue.

That’s only step one, though. The real test is making people believe, sincerely, honestly believe, stuff that is clearly crazy and untrue.

Those who can will themselves into believing, without any limits, everything they are told to believe will be deemed acceptable. Those who can’t will be unpersonned in whatever form is fashionable at the moment. And what’s really funny, the sincere believers will always be in the majority.

One thought on “Another Good Podcast”

  1. Thank you for saying you don’t like genres where there are no words to stare at! Not only me then. I love the written word, can’t remember not being able to read although learning to write was hard. I think my grandmother began teaching me to read before I ever went to school.


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