Montessori Update

I have no idea if I posted this before, and there’s no search function on the app. Apologies if I’m repeating myself.

I asked the analyst if he thinks it’s a good idea to put Klara into a Montessori school. He said the following. The Montessori system in itself is great. If the entire education system was like it, that would be awesome.

But it isn’t.

The existing education system was created at the time when the industrial society was born and it aimed to socialize kids into the conveyor-belt, ‘be quiet and do what you are told’ mentality. It sucks but it’s what there is.

Once Montessori ends at the age of twelve, the kids have to go to a regular school. Or if you pay for a supremely expensive Waldorf school that’s similar to Montessori but for older kids, they eventually go to college. And these kids haven’t been socialized into the mainstream model. They start having anxiety. The analyst says he works with such kids a lot. So his advice on Montessori is absolutely don’t do it.

Again, Montessori is a great, probably even perfect, system that exists in an imperfect world. And people do best when they are socialized into the world as it exists and not into a beautiful fantasy.