Impeachment Discontent

And now a really interesting episode of Dr Phil that I was looking forward to all day has been cancelled to show the stupid impeachment. I will never believe that the impeachment has better ratings than a fresh episode of Dr Phil.

Damn the impeachment. Especially since the moment I turned on the TV there was some dumb fuck in Senate pretending to care about the fallen Ukrainian soldiers. I almost spit on the screen.

Why, why can’t they use some other pretext for their dumb games and leave Ukraine alone?

8 thoughts on “Impeachment Discontent”

  1. Hey, get used to the impeachment overload for the next week or so. The channels that are anti-Trump (which is most of the cable news and nation-wide broadcast channels) are going to be showing all-impeachment coverage all the time until it’s over. Apparently, the channel owners actually believe that viewers are going to sit down and listen to hours of endless repetitive boring drivel, and as a result will suddenly become enraged political activists, and then DEMAND that the Republicans convict Trump and remove him from office.

    CNN and MSNBC are showing non-stop impeachment, of course. So are broadcast networks NBC and CBS. ABC and Fox cable and broadcast channels are showing mostly regular programming.

    And Dr. Phil’s show is currently playing on a local channel here in Arizona — too bad you live in such a woke liberal state! 🙂


  2. Clarissa you have endless streaming options at hand. You could suddenly become a hockey fan; there are a ton of hockey games including the All Star game this coming weekend. And you know nobody will preempt the Super Bowl in February.


    1. I’m not entirely sure what sport it is but I’m for Kansas! I’m always for the underdog. And they must be an underdog because at the local food pantry we have two boxes and you put donations in the box of the team you think will win. The 49ers have all the donations. It’s so unfair.


      1. The Super Bowl is the championship game of the National Football League. Everything I’m seeing is oddsmakers and bettors favoring the Chiefs, not the 49ers. If the New England Patriots hadn’t blown it, would the food pantry have most of the donations in their box? I think not. I think the donations are “who people want to win.” 🙂


        1. Interesting! Why is everyone here for the 49ers, then? Kansas is closer, so shouldn’t we be for them?

          The food pantry folks, though, are really smart to do this. We’ve never had as many donations as this time because everybody is competitive.


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