The Engine

Sometimes, when you pair a very advanced student with a weak student, the weak student begins to thrive and becomes a star. But sometimes it has the opposite effect. The weak student fades and completely gives up.

There’s always that little something – that’s actually the biggest thing in the world – that makes us go. Every self-help book or article or piece of advice exists to help us construct this internal combustion engine that will turn everything into fuel and propel us. Sometimes, it’s like one little part of the engine is missing, and it can be anything. Being around brilliant, energetic people, reading for fun, having a big, shiny planner, or maybe something as simple as sleeping more.

2 thoughts on “The Engine”

  1. I have been searching for that little part of the engine for at least one decade. I think that the entire machine is broken.

    Regarding pairing students, do you prefer pairing the advanced ones together (and the weakest ones together), or do you prefer to mix them?


    1. For graded assignments, I put similar-level students together because it would be unfair otherwise. But for regular in-class work I do try mixing up to see if it works.

      As for the machine, I can recommend some kick-ass mechanics for anybody who needs them. Just saying.


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