Creative Chaos

I always watch reality TV competition shows like Project Runway, Top Chef, that kind of thing. I love watching talented, creative, driven people at work.

And here’s what’s interesting. Whenever there’s a team challenge, if a team is working in perfect concert, everybody is agreeable, everybody is in sync – that team’s going to lose.

But whenever a team is in total chaos, everybody is arguing, pulling and pushing, debating and fighting – that’s a team that will create something great.

Because creative work doesn’t happen in a conveyor belt environment.

One thought on “Creative Chaos”

  1. Tonight if you channel-flipped frequently among MSNBC, CNN, and Fox during the last day of the Democrats’ case presentation for the impeachment of Trump, you saw your chaos theory being put to the test.

    Your everyone-working-in-concert, perfect-sync-thesis was playing out well on MSNBC and CNN, where the channels ran non-stop coverage of the visual and audio of the Democrats’ presentations against Trump.

    Fox News took a different approach: They showed a split-screen presentation, with the Democratic impeachment video on the right side of the television image, while the left half of the screen showed a commercial video with the audio from the commercial being played, while the audio from the Democratic speaker on the Senate floor was muted!

    Not only did Fox collect commercial $$$$ that the other networks missed out on. Fox also did the Democrats a big favor by hiding their idiotic verbal drivel from the viewers. As an example, Adam Schiff spent his final impeachment segment on television laughing about his adolescent parody of Trump’s letter to the Ukraine leader that he’d ad-libbed on television weeks earlier, and kept stressing the point that Trump’s reaction had proved how thin-skinned Trump is — as if being thin-skinned constitutes any justifiable grounds for impeachment.

    The latest polls indicate that despite the impeachment hearings, the “American people’s” overall satisfaction feeling about the way the country is going — which is based mainly on how they perceive that the economy is doing — is going UP, (despite that face that 50% of them don’t own stocks, and Dems like Bernie and Buttigieg keep telling them how miserable they should feel). And Trump’s approval numbers are going up as well.

    The Democratic impeachment farce has been a spectacular failure. Now let’s see if the Dems are going to nominate Bernie (or perhaps Warren), two loony socialists who can NEVER win a general election in America —

    Or Joe Biden, who will earn the undying hatred of the Bernie bros and Warren progressive fanatics, who will sit out the vote or go third party to re-elect Trump out of spite. 🙂


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