Who Will Vote for Biden?

Who here is going to vote for Biden if he’s the nominee?

Definitely not me because I’m failing to see how he’s better than Trump and I’m tired of tracing minute differences in piles of shit.

18 thoughts on “Who Will Vote for Biden?”

  1. I’m not planning on voting (since I’m not planning on returning to the US…. ever) but I were to vote I wouldn’t vote for Biden (or Warren or Buttigieg for that matter).
    I don’t like the idea of voting for Trump so I’d probably vote for some third party candidate… as a way of letting the Democrats know just how useless they are nationally.
    If the conspiracy theorists are right and HC tries to make a comeback I might actually vote for Trump, now I’m thinking of getting an absentee ballot…. just in case.


    1. I don’t know why you are so down on Hillary. Look at how much she’s given us in the past 3 years. The Russia collusion, the impeachment, the hounding of Bernie. The whole Senate has been locked for days discussing her bizarre fantasies.

      Lady is better than a whole circus full of freaks.

      Plus, it’s looking like the only way to get her go away eventually is to appoint her president already. She’s got at least 20 more years in her, and I’m exhausted of watching the freak show already.


      1. “so down on Hillary”

        And in 2008 I was totally on her side, I thought she should be the nominee with Obama (too young and inexperienced) as VP so he could run in 2016….
        So young, so foolish, now I just want her whole wretched family (and Biden’s and Obama’s and a bunch of others) to have some dignity for a change and disappear from public view.
        Sanders and Gabbard are the only dems I can even stand now.


        1. Talking about underdogs, Bernie and Tulsi are it. The whole Democratic establishment is hell-bent on destroying them. Trump hasn’t even had to be mean to Bernie because the Dems are being so vicious.

          The cynicism of trying to stuff Biden down the voters’ gullets is getting to me. And even if he were to win, he’s got an inbuilt impeachment proceeding right there. Is anybody thinking Republicans won’t follow in the newly created blueprint and start trivial impeachment proceedings?


          1. “Is anybody thinking Republicans won’t follow in the newly created blueprint and start trivial impeachment”

            I don’t either they’re not thinking that far ahead or Biden won’t be the nominee…. (cue: Jaws theme)


  2. Me. Just based on what one can get him to cease and desist from in terms of environment, judges, etc. is an enormous difference and also: T-boy really is another order of magnitude anti-Democratic.


    1. I feel like this narrative of “anybody is better than a Republican” is a way to trick us into supporting one neoliberal blob after another. Maybe it’s time to let that narrative fail.

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      1. It’s failed several times. We’ve got Trump now. You seem not to notice all he is doing but it is VERY extreme. Just look at the removal of water protection, to cite a single example.

        We’re not going to get a very lefty president in the foreseeable future. But getting Gore instead of Shrub in 2000 would have made a huge difference, for instance.

        The reasonable place to run leftier candidates is in more local elections. That’s where they can get in. Then work up. And this Stalinist narrative, it has to get worse before it gets better, is self-defeating, suicidal and also unrealistic. Notice that the improvements of the 60s, for instance, happened because of a more-liberal general atmosphere, not a more-conservative one. Or let’s put it this way: civility as benchmark would be a good place to start.


        1. I’m clearly not somebody who wants anybody leftier. These candidates, including Biden, have gone so far to the left that nobody but the trust fund brats at Harvard can figure out what they are talking about.

          My problem with Biden isn’t that he hasn’t recited his pronouns too often. It’s that he’s completely corrupt, dishonest, and mildly senile.


          1. As to what Trump is or isn’t doing, it’s extremely hard to know. Nothing is being reported as is by anybody. From the news, it’s very hard to find out that Trump is more pro-immigration than Obama. Who wasn’t “deporter in chief,” it’s all a complete fabrication. From the way WashPo portrays him, Trump is some sort of blood-and-soil nationalist. When in reality he’s completely neoliberal. It’s extremely hard to get informed because it’s all propaganda, propaganda, propaganda.


  3. I probably won’t, although I’d at least consider it. Warren and Buttigieg are definite no’s for me (Buttigieg was from day one, Warren earned her way here.) I’m a “Bernie or bust” person by default, although if Klobuchar or some other sensible person miraculously clawed her way to the nomination she’d definitely have my consideration. Really I’ll have to rethink everything long and hard after the primary is over, but that’s where I am right now.


  4. Yes, absolutely. To decide whether you should, list the 5 or 10 or 20 issues you care most about that might be affected by Supreme Court decisions (or even lower court decisions) in the next 50 years, and then figure out whether it’s important to you to have a Republican or Democrat appoint that judge.


    1. In this regard, the issue I care the most about is the urgent need to lower the importance of the judiciary in this country. Currently, it’s completely oversized.

      But since that’s impossible, I’d 100% prefer a republican judge because a republican judge is a little less likely to pass legislation that will get me fired of jailed for speech crimes and thought transgressions.


      1. I will hold my nose and vote for Biden if he is the nominee. I think he will be a disappointing to bad president if he’s able to win, but I agree with af184793 that he would appoint better judges. Trump’s federal judges will be with most of us for the rest of our lives and those judges are going to do whatever they can to block of Bernie or any other progressive politician who gets elected in the future. The president’s powers are limited in many ways and a progressive president is going to run into lots of roadblocks in the judiciary and the federal bureaucracy put there by previous presidents. I think Biden (or any of the other Democrats) is going to put up fewer roadblocks to real change than four more years of Trump. If we can’t get real change in 2020, I’d hope we won’t make it even harder for 2024 or 2028.

        People talk about judges quite a bit, but the President and his appointees also have a lot of say in terms of who gets hired and what happens in various federal agencies. I know people who work in three different federal agencies and they are all concerned about the people who are being hired and promoted by Trump’s appointees for permanent, non-appointed jobs. Agencies that used hire mostly from major public and private universities are now hiring lots of people with online degrees from Liberty University and various conservative Christian colleges. These people are being hired into permanent jobs for which they are marginally qualified and they are going to be difficult to replace. Firing a federal civil servant is almost as difficult as getting rid of a tenured professor.

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        1. Judges don’t make laws, but they have a very important role in interpreting and enforcing them. The federal courts and supreme court can declare laws unconstitutional and undo the work of the legislature and the president. The individual mandate of the Affordable Care Act was scrutinized by federal courts at several levels and things like Medicare for All are definitely going to go before the courts before all is said and done.


          1. As passionately as I support Roe, that was very obviously a way to legislate from the bench. And so was gay marriage. Which, again, I completely support.

            The problem is that tomorrow some judge will find “in the penumbras” something that I don’t support.

            I believe it would have been better to have both issues done legislatively and not through the judiciary. But we all know why that didn’t happen.


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