Ageist Church

This is seriously bizarre:

A struggling Minnesota church is asking its older parishioners to leave in hopes of making it more attractive to young families.

One of the best things about church is older people. Why would anybody even go if there’s nobody over 60?

5 thoughts on “Ageist Church”

  1. Maybe a convenient place to ask…. do you still think that the lack of religion in Ukraine is an advantage (I seem to recall you that you used to think so but am hazy about particulars…)


    1. We’ve been robbed. Right now it’s fashionable to go through the motions but it’s nothing like any genuine faith. But at least there’s hope that the kids who grew up going to church will be able to get it. I can’t say I fully get it but since I started going, I am at least aware that I’ve been deprived of something great.


  2. Have you heard about the latest dumb Bernie “controversy?” Very popular podcaster Joe Rogan said he was planning on voting for Bernie. This is someone who’s very much a “regular guy” with blue collar appeal, a former MMA commentator, not too political but on the moderate side. Basically a great guy to have in Bernie’s corner. So the Bernie campaign shared a video about this on twitter.

    There’s been an ENORMOUS backlash from the woke crowd! Acting like Bernie is awful to be touting the endorsement of this racist, transphobic, sexist, etc. individual. Now Rogan isn’t woke, but he’s just kinda a regular guy level of unwoke, not a white supremacist or something. And it’s ridiculous to pull this “guilt by association” bs on Bernie, especially when he has such a strong record on these issues.

    I was worried he would apologize because his campaign is known to pull boneheaded moves like that. But they released a statement where they said no we’re not sorry for this, unwoke people are a welcome and necessary part of our movement. In the meantime, we have SJWs and liberal organization like Move On screeching about how Bernie is insufficiently liberal/pure right before a bunch of aging Iowans have to decide who has the best chance of beating Trump. I wonder if they realize they’re helping Bernie.


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