Fish Fry

What’s “a fish fry” in the church context? I understand that people get together to fry fish. But then what? What do they do with it? Sell it? To whom? Not each other, I assume.

I don’t think most people have any idea how confusing all this stuff is to a newbie.

6 thoughts on “Fish Fry”

  1. Where I’m from, some volunteers cook da fish and people from da parish and neighborhood show up and pay to eat. It’s a popular ting in da Midwest, at least in da city dat I’m from ya know.

    (Yep, dat’s how we talk.)


  2. I know this as an event held by many Catholic churches on Fridays during lent. They sell the fish to raise money for church programs and it’s sort of a community event that attracts people who may have grown up in the church but don’t really attend services anymore.


    1. From the context, I’m guessing they do sell it. Now I’m wondering who buys it and have I been missing out on a chance to buy fried fish for a decade. I love fried fish.


  3. Where I grew up in East Tennessee, a fish fry was a neighborhood picnic where someone who had caught more fish than he had room for in his freezer cooked it outdoors and shared it with everyone. I never heard of one at a church.


    1. In my experience, fish fries are a form of fundraising mostly for volunteer fire departments. But a lot of schools and churches do this thing where volunteers cook up some kind of meal, and then people (both participants in the organization and from the broader community) pay to eat it, making it a social event that raises money. One of the Greek Orthodox congregations in my community has an annual Greek Food Festival that is eagerly anticipated, as there is otherwise no Greek food to speak of in the area.


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