Franco Comes Back to Spain

Spain now has a coalition government formed by the Socialists and the much more lefty Unidas Podemos.

The moment the leftiest government in the history of Spain was formed, it immediately started improving the lives of the working people

Ha, ha, ha. Of course, not. Screw the working people.

The most progressive Spanish government in history immediately started imitating the Franco regime in imposing uniform sexual morality. Because the biggest problem the Spanish young experience isn’t the 50% unemployment. Oh no, that’s utterly trivial. The main problem is that schools don’t teach enough about masturbation and fluid gender.

Now cue the usual chorus about how “they are not real socialists” and how the US lefties won’t concentrate 100% on policing morality the second they are elected. Because we are such special snowflakes and we do everything better.

4 thoughts on “Franco Comes Back to Spain”

  1. “The most progressive Spanish government in history”

    …can’t do anything because of EU structures that have removed so much decision making power from member states.

    They can’t do anything that would actually affect unemployment as long as they’re on the euro in its current form. So instead they dig up Franco and obsess about foreign pronoun trivia…

    I suppose they could try Macron style reforms but as long as they’re locked into the euro that only means removing what very little stability some people have.

    I have a pet theory that part of the Catalan independence movement is to get off the euro…. (if I was sure about that then I might actually support them).


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