HRC Sucks

Human Rights Campaign is extremely stupid. Apparently, there’s no biggest threat to “countless marginalized groups” than Bernie Sanders. It’s so pathetic.

And yes, the double entendre in the title is intentional.

29 thoughts on “HRC Sucks”

  1. It’s especially hilarious because of HRC’s dismal record on trans issues. Until quite recently they were happy to cajole the trans community into helping them with promises that they’d help trans people in return, then would totally throw trans people under the bus as soon as they needed HRC to do something for them (not gonna go into the whole history here, but most politically aware trans people hate HRC, and this was even more true 5+ years ago.) Meanwhile Bernie has been supporting the trans community since the 1980s, at a time when being pro-trans was a total political loser. HRC is just embarrassing themselves. As is Biden, who’s now tweeting out woke anti-Bernie messages about trans rights and criminal justice reform (two issues on which his record is weaker than Bernie’s.)

    The majority of trans people will continue to support Bernie (based on what I’ve seen he’s their guy), both because he’s the candidate with the longest history of support for them and because his economic agenda will benefit them. Nobody’s buying Warren’s “I’ll read names in the Rose Garden” pandering bullshit. Symbolism in the absence of anything more substantial is useless and insulting.


  2. Yes, I couldn’t agree more. And HRC is no radical political organization. Instead, it supports, and is supported by, middle class gays & lesbians and the social elite. It couldn’t give a damn about the working class. (This makes me think of your earlier post about the new Spanish government.) The HRC crowd is part of the same group of people who were outraged at Bernie for wagging his finger at Hillary during the debates in 2016, an obvious manifestation of his “misogyny.”

    The interesting thing here is that Bernie didn’t cave to the SJWs in this instance, and instead, his campaign representatives indirectly refused to reject Joe Rogan’s endorsement.

    And, by the way, the major U.S. newspapers continue their anti-Bernie campaign. Today in the Wash Post:


    1. And Chris Matthews is saying that Bernie is so evil that he wouldn’t stop to help a person bleeding on the side of the road. This is just beyond ridiculous. He says “Biden would win that competition.” I have no words to describe the degree of cynicism. I mean, why would Bernie not help a person who’s hurt?


      1. Well, Chris Matthews has always been fucking annoying. This comment he made about Bernie reminds me of a guest on an MSNBC show who once said in the not too distant past that there was something about Bernie that made her skin crawl. WTF? That’s some really deep analysis there….!! LOL.


    1. The kind of gays who read and comment on mainstream gay blogs (which are awful) are a very specific kind of gay. The type that thinks that drag kids are awesome and stuff like that. Bernie is quite popular among normal gay people from what I’ve seen (though of course he has his haters, as with every demographic.)


      1. There are things I don’t like about Bernie, and we’ve discussed them at length. But this campaign of completely gratuitous vilification that is targeting him is disturbing. It’s now suddenly ok to say that he “wants to kick 140 million people off their health insurance.” We can disagree about the 100% public option he’s proposing but it’s simply not true that he wants to kick anybody off anything. Let’s discuss his proposal honestly, at least.

        On the positive side, the more I see of this completely ridiculous smear campaign, the more supportive I get and I believe many people feel the same. These are ludicrous, dishonest attacks that won’t convince normal voters.


      2. I could be wrong, but my general impression is that a lot of gays hate Bernie because they blame him for Trump getting elected. I don’t know if these gays are a majority or only a significant minority, but they claim that Bernie didn’t do enough to support Hillary when the primary was over. They also bring up the “Bernie or bust” voters, who supposedly contributed to Hillary’s loss (the extent to which this may or may not be true is another question), and the “Bernie bro” narrative, which makes Sanders an unpalatable choice for lots of gays whose views are shaped by identity politics.


      3. Who are the type that thinks drag kids are awesome (I’m intrigued … where I live, neutrality on drag queen story hour will get you thrown out of the liberal church)


        1. What do you think would happen if I tweeted my honest opinion about this under my own name?

          Simply mentioning at work that I prefer to use Latino and not Latinx got me publicly accused of being “a transphobe,” by the way.


          1. Recently, somebody put up a poster on campus with the definition of autogynephilia. The posters were immediately taken down because “science has disproved this” [not true] and the Campus Bias Team is searching for the kids who put up the poster.


            1. Here’s my hypotheses for the day: people are so trenchant about it because they are so freaked out. So much so that if they don’t say the party line they will say something really outrageous.


        2. Bougie people in places like NYC. Speaking for my area, even very liberal, SJW type gay men are against drag kids (though probably supportive of drag queen story hour, which isn’t nearly as bad even if I’m not a fan of it.) Really there just aren’t many gay men like this at all. From what I’ve seen the vast majority of drag kid defenders are women.

          In the Ohio context, the bougie gays mostly live in Columbus and they probably support Buttigieg or something (I do not know a single Buttigieg supporter in my city.)


          1. I have a large number of gay men in my Facebook feed. Many of the bougie (esp. the kinda dumb and bougie) gay men are supporting Buttigieg. The smarter, more critical, less-bougie, and slightly younger gay men I know seem to be split between Warren and Bernie.

            I am definitely against drag kids performing in bars and kids being encouraged to do anything like drag performance. Drag Queen story hour doesn’t seem too bad to me, it’s probably no worse than a clown or a cartoon character reading stories to kids.

            And HRC has always been the worst LGBTQ+ rights organization. It’s the type of non-profit that exists mostly to raise lots of money to pay huge salaries to its top employees.


            1. That’s somewhat similar to what I see, though that doesn’t cover all gay voters, of course. I know a decent chunk of more moderate gay men who supported Hillary in 2016 who now support Biden. Buttigieg supporters are like, the guys who are genuinely thrilled when they see an ad from US Bank saying they support the gay community. Or at least I imagine that’s the demo; again, I only know of Buttigieg supporters


              1. I haven’t met any Buttigieg supporters either, and it’s very hard for me to imagine who’d be sincerely excited about his candidacy. The guy’s got no experience, no ideas, no charisma, no memorable slogans, no name recognition. I sincerely don’t get it.

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              2. Oh my God, that was my favorite moment in the 2016 election. I’m not cruel and I don’t enjoy public humiliation but the Bushes really deserve it.

                Thanks for reminding me.


  3. I forget where I saw this fake headline, probably The Onion:

    “Liberals claim Sanders’ acceptance of Rogan endorsement sends dangerous message that he wants to win the election”.

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