Radical Measures

So the morning section of the experimental poetry course wasn’t working. I know it’s not the course because the afternoon section is amazing. Everybody talks up a storm, and it’s just good.

So I took radical measures and held the morning session at Starbucks. And oh my God. It was great. People who I feared would never talk (in Spanish, obviously) suddenly revealed amazing language skills.

In this course, we have no textbook, no homework, no workbook, no electronic digital blah blah, no quizzes, no tests, no grammar exercises – just poetry. And talking. We will also have several classes on music.

I swear I’ll have them all speaking at an advanced level by the end of the semester. I’m psyched.

13 thoughts on “Radical Measures”

  1. Yes, I am thinking of going to the cafe also but not with that class. In any case we have now had our first full on poetry day in that class. We did Tino Villanueva. Brilliant. Great idea you had


  2. No homework? No reading before class? I won’t argue with anything that works, but I’m skeptical of this approach. I’d never advocate overloading students with homework, but I think that some homework is helpful in preparing students for class and for helping them review what was already covered in class.


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