Twitter Is Stupid

Imagine a scenario in which the first-in-the-nation presidential caucus happened in a place that was as black or brown as Iowa is white. What do you think would happen?

Meaning what, Guatemala? Ghana? It’s obviously not any state in this country.

18 thoughts on “Twitter Is Stupid”

  1. Delaware, Mississippi South Carolina, and Texas have a sufficiently large non-white population to frighten the white supremacists.


        1. I think CA is something like 38% white and NM 50%. This may involve saying Hispanic isn’t white, which is what your guy complaining about Iowa is suggesting (he is thinking white vs black and “brown”)


            1. But you can easily get crowds like that, and you don’t find people crying, as IA and MN people have to me, “but you get a chance to talk about race with people of other races, and I do not”


    1. although not, of course, in the way Iowa is white. Illinois does comparatively well at only 75% white. So I’ve lived in 5 states, the 3 on the Pacific Coast, Illinois and Louisiana, and I guess this is why Oregon and Washington, the most breathtakingly beautiful, have also been so forgettable . . . 90%+ white . . . whereas the other 3 are among the most multicultural in the nation . . . this is interesting!


      1. I’ll honestly never get this American. I had a discussion with an American colleague yesterday who insisted I wasn’t foreign. But I really am. I’m just…. different.


        1. Yeah, well, Oregon used to have sundown laws. That is, you weren’t supposed to be in town while black after sundown. You can feel the hostility now and you also have to deal with the overcompensation for it, in the form of crazy political correctness, persecution of those white girls who made tortillas, etc. CA and IL are just a lot more cosmopolitan than this. Seattle drove my parents nuts when we lived up there with the whiteness and the blandness and provinciality / provincialism.


  2. The Iowa Caucus should end because caucuses are an undemocratic way to choose candidates. Iowa is very white, but Barack Obama defeated two well known, well funded white candidates to win the Iowa Caucus in 2008, so it’s not like Iowa caucus goers are irredeemably racist just because they are mostly white.

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    1. ” Iowa Caucus should end because caucuses are an undemocratic way to choose candidates”

      It’s a pretty stupid way to begin the official campaign…. but then the whole process has become so stupid that it’s oddly fitting….


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