Everybody Is Over It

Did you, folks, see this? It’s cable news rankings for the day before yesterday:

Viewers are not stupid. They are tired of round one million of the Russia collusion fairy tale.

I really, really hope this is the last iteration of this silliness we’ll see until Trump gets reelected in November.

A Poor Billionaire

“So let me say this. I know that people describe me as being a rich person, but that isn’t how I think of myself,” said billionaire Tom Steyer.

Honestly, Trump’s “yes, I’m rich, I’m extremely rich. Who, Romney? First of all, he’s not even rich. I’m rich” is so much more attractive.

“I’m a billionaire but I’m poor at heart” is simply disgusting.

It’s funny how Dem candidates routinely make Trump look not that bad. Every time I think “God, he’s bad,” I look at them and it think, “hey, it can be so much worse.”

Narcissists on the March

From an article by a brilliant Hungarian fellow on Spiked:

The well-known leftist narrative is that the Third World is underdeveloped because it was colonised, oppressed and exploited by the dastardly West.

This blows my mind, too. And it’s precisely why my part of the world is completely erased from Western accounts of history. It’s impossible to blame “Western imperialism” or “the evil US” for our dysfunction, so we are boring.

Of course, now that Trump had a phone conversation with Zelensky, the US can be blamed for Ukraine’s misfortune. So now we have been noticed.

It’s absolutely pathetic, and it’s also why secondary education in the US is so horrible. Teachers don’t believe they need to teach. All they think they should do is produce little robots indoctrinated into this faith of wounded narcissism. And they are actually quite good at it, even if they are incapable of doing anything else.