Not from Kansas

Wait. So the Kansas City Chiefs are not from Kansas?

I’ve been sitting here rooting for Kansas like “a stone cold idiot” (©Claire McCaskill) this whole time?

OK then.

The Truth About “Satanic Pregnancies”

Here’s a great explanation of Paula White’s “satanic pregnancies” comment.

Without knowing any of this, wouldn’t any reasonable, unprejudiced person immediately realize White is using a metaphor? Why is it that the very same people who easily process the idea that the jihad against the infidels in the Koran can be a metaphor can’t do that here?

And for those who aren’t interested in the story, here’s what really matters at the link:

Pentecostal Christianity was born out of America’s poor and working-class communities—people who feel the tremendous, grinding weight of poverty, of addiction, of oppression—and it is sweeping through the global south in communities who face many of these same challenges. These people are not privileged. They don’t have the power and confidence of America’s prosperous Christian class. The Holy Spirit bursts into their lives like a supernova of hope.

It all does seem weird and out there but then you meet addicts or former convicts who found their place in the world through this, and the desire to judge fades.

This brand of Christianity is conquering Latin America, by the way. I’m obviously not into it but then I’m hardly underprivileged.

Out of Jail

It’s +19°C here (translation: very warm), and at the playground it’s like a bunch of small fast animals have been released from jail. Klara’s been running barefoot and climbing everything in sight non-stop since 10 am.

And I try to organize physical activity for her 5 times a week. But it’s not the same as running barefoot on the grass.

Full Circle

And by the way, that journalist who was fired from WashPo did tweeting about Kobe Bryant being a rapist?

Turns out that the only reason she got a job at WashPo was that she viciously #MeTooed some poor loser.

Obviously, what WashPo did is still wrong but there’s a great poetic justice in what happened.

How to Destroy a Poet

This is from a couple of months ago but it’s still an important read about a poet destroyed over nothing.

And Massey is actually a good poet. There are some poems in open access on the website, so judge for yourselves. The prose is very strong, too. I even skimmed through the accusatory narratives about him (written in very poor prose), and there aren’t any accusations. It’s all just pouting. But it’s still enough to destroy a person.

But hey, if even TS Eliot is now beyond the pale (again, for absolutely nothing whatsoever), what can you expect? Eliot is an absolute genius but he wrote a mean letter so let’s flay him.

It’s so crazy.

When the Rich Navel-gaze

The rich kids demanding free subway fares at Grand Central in NYC yesterday were chanting, “The whole world is watching!”

How do I know they were rich kids?

They were chanting, “The whole world is watching!”

There are also funny videos of them listing their daddies’ important jobs at police officers.

I mean, seriously. The whole world is watching. You just gotta. I mean.