The Hillary Trail

I think my internet broke. It’s telling me that the app that’s used to report the results in Iowa was developed by Robby Mook. Hillary’s Robby Mook.

This is too out there even for me. I’m off to bed.


The Canadian journal asked me to correct proofs in Adobe through the most inconvenient system known to humanity. And it’s all tiny little things like “the abstract is 142 words instead of 150.” And I’m not into tiny little things. I’m a big picture person. I’ve been [bad words] with these corrections all day and it’s putting me in the lousiest of moods.

How to Defeat Trump

That “first-time non-violent drug offender” who “spent 20 years in jail for a single mistake” that Trump put into his Superbowl ad? The one he released?

The broad’s “single mistake” was leading a multi-million drug ring that sold thousands of kilos of cocaine for the Colombian Cali cartel. She managed the cartel’s regional operations for several years.

Apparently, spending years managing the operations of a Colombian cartel is now “a single non-violent offense.” Even though she was found guilty on 15 counts.

Instead of poring over the minutiae of some inane phone call Trump had with Zelensky, Democrats should be talking about this. Trump, as always, rolled over for Jared Kushner and signed on to this horrible project of releasing and celebrating really hardcore criminals.

The only real way of defeating Trump is by telling the truth: he’s releasing really scary criminals, dramatically increasing immigration, and not building the wall.

But nobody is going to point this out because every single candidate has this identical program.

Only the voters are against but nobody cares what voters want.