Guaidó at the Address

Juan Guaidó is at the State of the Union address getting a gigantic ovation.

I’m glad because I know about the horrible things Putin’s mercenaries are doing in Venezuela.


And by the way, “not me us” is a horrible slogan.

“Feel the Bern” was marketing genius. The logo of Bernie’s wild hair as a constellation was genius.

But “not me us”? It’s modeled on Hillary’s “I’m with her” with its two confusing pronouns, and that one was a total loser. It’s hard to pronounce or remember. It’s completely impersonal. Bleh, I hate it.

Bernie, ditch the notmeus and let’s feel the Bern!

Executive Impotence

By the way, I don’t think that the Iowa debacle was a conspiracy. If it were, we’d already see the results. I kind of wish it were a conspiracy because that entails having a plan and carrying it through.

But it was something a lot worse. Gross incompetence and extreme organizational impotence. Even the turnout itself was blah in spite of “unafraid undocumented organizers knocking on doors.”

Unless the goal is to make Trump look competent, I’m not seeing a conspiracy here. It’s all just weak, pathetic loserishness, which is a quality I detest the most.

Who’s to Blame?

Now let’s start pretending that Iowa is an outlier and is all about stupid peasants in Iowa not knowing how to use an app. As if we haven’t had a decade of endless epic fails.

From Obama’s incapacity to roll out the Obamacare website to his team’s 8-year-long failure to move out of the recession like the Trump team did in three weeks.

From the enormous weaknesses of Hillary’s campaign to her incapacity to accept the loss.

From Kavanaugh to Covington to collusion to Mueller to impeachment to NYC bail reform to the Iowa app, it’s all fail, fail, fail.

The only undeniable success we’ve had is AOC’s Twitter account. And the speeches. Adam Schiff’s impeachment speeches were sublime.

This is what happens every time when you decide you hold the high moral ground, you are on the right side of history, and you don’t need to keep trying.

Plus, you can always blame the Russians.