In the news that surprises exactly no one, Trump has been acquitted on both (deeply, deeply ridiculous) impeachment counts.

Let’s place bets on what the next delusional project to remove him from office will be. My bet is on another impeachment because this one hasn’t been idiotic enough.

4 thoughts on “Acquittal”

  1. “My bet is on another impeachment ”

    The super infantile tantrum party (aka Democrats) have already hinted that they will try again…. I’m coming to hate the idea of the democratic party as a concept… it doesn’t deserve to survive this mess.

    The current democratic party can’t be saved or redeemed (minus mass resignations that won’t happen). A new party is desperately needed…. who will do that work?


  2. // Let’s place bets on what the next delusional project to remove him from office will be.

    Channel One of Russian TV has found the answer:

    “Obviously, China is suffering serious economic losses. And who is the main rival of the Heavenly Kingdom? United States. Who is its president? Trump. What is he known for, besides this? For owning the Miss Universe beauty contest, where the beauties, together with the title, receive a symbolic crown. And the new virus is called coronavirus, because its structure resembles that headdress, so to speak. And it’s immediately clear who is to blame”

    Translation from the Russian post:


  3. Warren is so finished:

    // Women of Color Quit Elizabeth Warren’s Nevada Campaign Citing “Toxic” Work Environment

    “I felt like a problem — like I was there to literally bring color into the space but not the knowledge and voice that comes with it,”

    But I have no reason to be sad for her since:

    // Tonight, Elizabeth Warren nodded along and smiled as a questioner slandered AIPAC as “an unholy alliance” of “Islamophobes,” “anti-semites, and white nationalists” that perpetuates “bigotry”

    Without blinking, Warren then agreed to boycott next year’s AIPAC conference


    1. What gets to me is that otherwise bright people keep playing this game and hoping to win. But you can never win. Some outraged idiot will always pipe up to hurl “literally” at you.

      The use of “literally” is a mark of a Twitteroid idiot. Warren has nobody to blame but herself for associating with these brainless Twittertwats. Now she will apologize and play the downward dog but it’s only going to make the hounds hungrier.

      What’s really sad though is that the person in this quote seriously, honestly thinks that she’s entitled to be heard and respected solely for her physiology. And nobody is telling her otherwise.


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