Perfect Partner

Today, I had to work on putting into compliance the school’s operating papers and the collective bargaining agreement. I was working with another colleague. It’s a gigantic project that involves looking at two very different and very long documents neither of us read before.

I usually hate this kind of thing because it annoys me when people don’t think as fast as I do and don’t immediately see the connections that I spot. But with this colleague the process was magical because our brains were in perfect sync. We saw immediately which parts of the documents the other person was talking about and no time was wasted in pointless shuffling around of paperwork that always drives me bonkers. It was all done long-distance, too.

Instead of feeling exhausted, as I usually do after this kind of thing, I feel invigorated. It’s so great to encounter a similarly structured brain. It’s like finding the perfect dancing partner or the perfect sex partner.

One thought on “Perfect Partner”

  1. Good on you!

    I know exactly what you mean – I’ve had a problem-solving partner or two like that, and the experience is incredibly intense. It’s not about being similarly wired, really, since I’ve met people who are like me and are superfluous to my problem-solving for exactly that reason. More, it’s this whirlwind of feeding each other issues and information and having them be anticipated and then resolved in ways that are both surprising and recognisably brilliant.

    Still. Makes an incredibly, unbearably awkward relationship after the problem is solved – which it of course will be.


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