Man-made Virus

Turns out that the coronavirus is man-made. People took the animals it was being tested on out of the facility, and it spread.

Heavily Fortified

A 5-year-old girl was raped by a neighbor on the grounds of the United States Embassy in India’s capital, the police said on Thursday, reviving a debate about sexual violence against women and children in the country.

The 25-year-old son of a housekeeper at the embassy was detained in connection with the assault, which took place on Saturday in living quarters reserved for support staff, according to Pragya Anand, the assistant commissioner of police in Chanakyapuri, the capital’s diplomatic area.

The girl’s parents were away when the assault took place, officials said. The girl’s father worked in a support-staff role at the embassy, according to the police. The heavily fortified compound, one of the biggest American missions in the world, is topped with barbed wire and sits in one of New Delhi’s most secure neighborhoods.

I know! Let’s bring him over to the US, give him due process, let him out without bail, and guarantee “a path to citizenship.”

Activist Kids

Talking about activist kids, there was this lady who really wanted to create a superstar, ultra-progressive kid. She wanted to be fully in control of how this wonder-child was engineered, so she got pregnant by an anonymous sperm donor and dedicated herself fully to educating the kid.

The plan seemed to work. The lady’s daughter spoke a crapton of languages and, by the time she was a teen, she was gaining a lot of followers with her ultra-feminist screeds on sexual liberation and the importance of having tons of great sex in adolescence. Mom was overjoyed. Her experiment in engineering an extraordinary child was working. Everything seemed to go according to plan.

But when the girl turned 19, she fell in love and decided to get married. Obviously, a monogamous marriage would have been devastating to her brand of a sexually voracious teenage man-eater. The thing was, though, that the girl didn’t want to be the brand. And she didn’t want to be her mother’s pawn any more. She wanted an ordinary married life.

So the mother shot her three times in the head while the girl slept. And once in the heart.

This happened in 1933 in the Republican Spain. The girl’s name was Hildegart Rodríguez Carballeira.


Here’s a great quote from an article on Spiked on the invention of “trans children”:

[The reason] is the problem adults currently have with socialising children. Some adults consciously reject this role, while others have their capacity to act persistently undermined. The result, in both cases, is that rather than assuming responsibility for children’s development, adults deny they have any authority, suspend disbelief and act upon the child’s wishes. The beatification of the militant child victim who must instruct adults in the correct way to behave is detrimental to the future of society. And it’s devastating for the children thrust into this position.

Using children to advance a political cause doesn’t give the cause legitimacy. To the contrary, it destroys any possibility of that cause being legitimate. Once you need kids to make your point, you don’t have a point.

I’d vote for anybody, absolutely anybody who criminalizes the prescription of puberty blockers. Or any hormonal treatment to healthy people under the age of 25.

But obviously, just like with open borders, nobody will do anything about it. And that’s not because anybody cares about non-existent “trans kids.”. It’s because you and I need to be schooled into the idea that everything is relative, nothing is certain, everything is “a choice,” and every “choice” is sacred, everyone is a freely choosing individual fully responsible for the results of their choices because “society doesn’t exist.”


Does anybody have an explanation for why anybody would make such a concerted effort to reward and encourage criminality?

This New Way bill, no-cash-bail laws, “MS-13 are not animals,” rapists and murderers should be able to vote, immigrants from countries where sex with children isn’t a big deal shouldn’t be deported, no arrests for destroying the urban environment – why?

Historically, this has been done at the beginning of revolutions. The goal was to get the population to the point where it would be too traumatized by criminals to care much about political changes. That’s what every revolution does in the early days before the result is completely clear. It opens the prisons.

In the USSR, every measure that was going to make people really upset (like a dramatic price hike or something that would hurt the standard of living even more) was preceded by a wide-reaching amnesty for criminal convicts. Not political, obviously. Just the criminal ones.

I’m not drawing any parallels. I’m just sharing what I know from history.