By the Way

And by the way, Tucker gives air time to Bernie’s supporters every night, and listens to them respectfully and sympathetically. In the meanwhile, MSNBC is calling Bernie supporters “brownshirts.” Which, given that Bernie is Jewish, is really offensive.

A Bernie campaigner was expressing extreme puzzlement on Twitter last night that she has to go on Fox News to speak about her position.

MIA Biden

I caught a little peek on the NH primary, and I’m confused. Is Biden running anymore? He’s not on my screen with results at all.

This whole thing about his extraordinary electability that we kept hearing about, what kind of an electability is it if you can’t get anybody to vote for you?

No Clue About Pedagogy

People from other departments keep refusing to evaluate my classes because they don’t speak Spanish. We need these evaluations for promotion, so I keep looking for evaluators.

It drives me nuts because I don’t get the logic. Why do they need to know what I’m saying? They aren’t qualified to evaluate the content of my lectures. It’s not part of their task. The task is to evaluate the teaching. Nobody needs to know what I say to evaluate the teaching.

For me, an ideal teaching evaluation is me evaluating a chemistry class conducted in Japanese. Since I’m incapable of understanding the content, I’d really be able to concentrate on the actual pedagogy.

The problem is that people who aren’t in foreign languages get zero training in pedagogy. They don’t even know what it is.

I finally found an extremely rare Hispanic professor in the depths of campus who agreed to evaluate. I’m glad to have a Hispanic professor. But I’m still annoyed that people aren’t getting this.