The Bloomberg Controversy

I have no idea why Bloomberg’s Aspen comments are so controversial. He says the most obvious, boring things everybody knows. What’s the big deal?

Also, the obsession with the supposed evilness of frisking belongs entirely to well-to-do white people.

All of the drama over Bloomberg’s utterly trivial comments comes from this cohort of privileged white lefties over the age of 40. Curiously, it’s the same cohort that loved the TV series The Wire.

11 thoughts on “The Bloomberg Controversy”

  1. Disagree here, based on personal experience. I know plenty of black working class people who have a problem with Bloomberg. I myself am more “tough on crime” than the wilting progressives, but I’m still against stop and frisk, which didn’t reduce crime and pretty much just seemed like an excuse to harass black teenagers.

    I will say that mayor Pete said basically the exact same thing about marijuana arrests and black people at the last debate though. Didn’t seem to stop college educated white people from voting for him.


    1. I do think there is less black outrage towards him than white progressives expect. They still can’t understand why Biden’s record isn’t a dealbreaker for black people. They seem to think the only crime related problem facing the black community is mean police and can’t comprehend that poor black people don’t want crime in their communities any more than they do.

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  2. Black and brown people all over New York City for decades had to worry about being stopped by cops and detained and interrogated and humiliated and denied basic civil liberties for no good reason. Well-to-do white people, to use your phrase, happily endorsed the Giuliani and Bloomberg policy.


      1. No question crime rates did plummet during their terms. Scholars tend to think stop and frisk had a small effect on this, if any, though. Moreover, since the end of stop and frisk, crime has continued to go down.

        My main point, though, really was that – in my experience as someone who lived in Manhattan for much of this time – I found overwhelmingly that minorities complained about the program and that most of my white friends and their friends (lots of them privileged white lefties) applauded it.


        1. So called “lefties” confused this with actual protection of neighborhood. One more example of how rhetoric in this age distorts. Stop and frisk is “friendly” and charter schools are “choice,” etc.


          1. Seeing what Chicago is like, I’d really like to see somebody like Giuliani do something about those murder rates.

            Giuliani’s and Bloomberg’s policies brought murder rates from 2,000 to under 300 per year. These were overwhelmingly young black men whose lives were saved. If anybody cared about actual black lives, they’d be hailed as civil rights heroes. But nobody really cares. That’s why here in St Louis we have a murder rate close to that of Tijuana. The victims are mostly black. But no local Giuliani is arising because there’s no appetite for that kind of change. We are all content to hold our meaningless little “black history months” and recite our slogans while people are being slaughtered right next door.


            1. When I first came here, there was a story on the news about a grandfather who was playing with his 1-year-old grandbaby in his living room. A stray bullet came through the window. Killed the baby on the spot. Obviously, the baby was black.

              Don’t we all wish someone had stopped the shooter and taken his gun away on the way there? He’s just some dumb neighborhood kid who’s now serving life. Aren’t we all wishing there was some local Giuliani doing something that would save that baby? We have several such stories a week around here. And all that the “real lefties” are suggesting is to drug the boys in the already high-crime neighborhoods with legal pot to mess with their heads even more.


              1. And yes, these crossfire shootings are common. I, personally, have had bullets land next to me three times. Twice they came from volleys that actually hit people, fortunately not me. I’m not for having all the guns on the street or for creating all these people desperate and screwed up enough to shoot them, but others are. And we have the highest rate of incarceration in the nation by far. If you wait until crimes are committed and then prosecute them, you can jail people but it doesn’t get at the problem, and can exacerbate because when you incarcerate someone you much further impoverish that family. Re your “left” people only being interested in legalizing marijuana, well that’s too bad. IL does have good groups working on post-conviction relief and immigration detention, two things I always look for in addition to environment, and it actually succeeded in abolishing the death penalty, so from here it looks as though it does have a few things going on – – at least in some parts of the state.


            2. Chicago’s murder rate is declining and it has never been like what it is elsewhere. Yes it is true that certain barrios are really dangerous but that’s the case in the top 5 murder cities as well. These are St. Louis, Baltimore, Detroit, Baton Rouge and New Orleans, I believe. But N.O.’s rate has been sinking for decades now and it may finally come out of the top 5. Police say it is because of something or other they have been doing but other analyses say it has to do with other factors. We have all these murders because we have all these guns and poverty. It’s not as though the police don’t repress, they do.


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