Middle Age

I thought everybody my age was as happy as I was about being middle-aged. But it turns out many people actually miss their youth.

I don’t miss mine. Always pinching pennies, always in debt, having to drag myself out on dates instead of curling up at home with my books and notebooks, not knowing how my life would turn out, who I’ll end up with, or who I’ll end up being as a person, constantly worrying about what impression I was making, God.

What’s there to miss about all that?

The only thing I miss is the capacity to go on very little sleep for weeks. Yes, I obviously was a lot prettier and thinner but it was all wasted anyway, so who cares?

Middle age is the bomb, folks. I know exactly who I am, and that’s really great.

5 thoughts on “Middle Age”

  1. “I thought everybody my age was as happy as I was about being middle-aged.”

    The only reason you’re happy in middle age is that you aren’t quite old enough:

    A recently published major study collecting data about well-being and age from 132 countries has just revealed that for people in developed nations, THE SINGLE MOST MISERABLE AGE FOR JUST ABOUT EVERYBODY IS 47.2 YEARS OLD!

    I thought you should know this now so you can start preparing for your coming misery. Don’t worry, you’ll outlive it.


    1. That’s interesting, I didn’t like 47.2 much at all. I think the study makes sense. I enjoyed 20s and 30s quite a lot, me – – teens too, actually. 40s and 50s less, too many responsibilities, not enough money, not enough job satisfaction, and kept not recognizing self in mirror. Now I’ve stabilized out again, remind myself much more of the person I was in late 20s. There was something about having just gotten that full adult strength, and not having had it start to diminish yet, that was very cool.


  2. Oh and also – I had a reunion with some HS friends when we were 40. Some were going on about how they liked it because now they had authority, or now they knew themselves, or now they didn’t care any more about what others thought. I felt that either I had not had those problems before, or that to the extent I might, I had not resolved them. I think I want to be 27-34 forever, and perhaps I’ll just try for it!


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