More Differences Between the Sides

Another thing that I hate on my [former] side is the obsession with always seeing the absolute worst in everybody. You are always guilty by default.

The moment we got news of coronavirus, some campus busybody immediately sent out a message telling professors not to make racist comments about China. The whole idea that we are such shits that we need to be told not to say racist things is deeply bizarre. It comes from the same extremely dark view of the human nature as microaggression trainings and diversity seminars. Everybody, even a colleague you see every day, is evil and is about to aggress! Everybody who said something that was widely accepted until 3 minutes ago must be driven by hatred and bigotry! There can’t possibly be any other explanation. Everybody is horrible and out to get you. It’s tiresome.

Contrast that with the widely accepted conservative narrative on, say, Obama. I’ve seen and heard this narrative a million times in my journey through conservative media. Obama is “the most gifted politician of our generation, brilliant, an intellectual, a profound thinker, an amazing public speaker. But Obamacare was a disaster and the economic recovery was sluggish when he was in office.” We can debate whether it was or wasn’t sluggish but the point is that there’s something to debate here. It’s not just constant name-calling. Obviously you can find all kind of unhinged name-calling on Tumblr or whatever but I’m talking about the mainstream, the respectable people who write books or appear on TV.

Or contrast the way Tucker Carlson talks about Bernie supporters with the way absolutely anybody on the left talks about Trump supporters. And it’s, again, the differences in the basic vision of the human nature. It’s “they disagree with me so they are scum” versus “I won’t vote as they do but I understand why they feel this way, and they are actually right in many ways.”

Zelensky on Impeachment

In a wide-ranging interview with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky referred to the impeachment of President Donald Trump as a television series, specifically citing the soap operas “Santa Barbara” and “Dallas.” Throwing cold water on what Democrats alleged to be a pressure campaign on Zelensky and his government, the Ukrainian president also said he looks forward to his next conversation with Trump and hopes to visit the White House.

I’ve seen absolutely nothing but mockery and boredom from anybody in Ukraine concerning the impeachment. This is a welcome coincidence between how Ukrainians and most Americans felt about it.


I’m trying to book a pedicure for later today.

“I’d like your longest procedure, please,” I say.

“Would you like gel? Or volcano spa? Or milk-and-honey soak?”

“Whatever is the longest,” I say.

The receptionist is confused. He’s a guy so he doesn’t understand that the reason why mothers get pedicures is to veg out in silence.