Closer to the Truth

NYTIMES’s Ezra Cheung reports:

#BREAKING: South China University of Technology biologist Xiao Botao exposed that the #COVID19 might have originated from an animal research lab 280m away from the epicentre of the outbreak. The scientists were reportedly bitten by bats used for a test on louse. H/T:

We are inching closer to the truth. A lab has finally been allowed to be mentioned in the context of the coronavirus.


My doorbell broke. It’s 20 years old, so its time has come.

I went on Amazon to get a new one. And it’s disturbing. The search results show a bunch of creepy things that I don’t identify as doorbells. Most promise to spy on me and my neighbors with various degrees of ingenuity.

All I want a thing you press with your finger and it makes a sound. I don’t need it to do anything else or express any opinions about my life.

Dawned On Me

The talks I give at conferences are normally culled out of articles I submitted and got accepted for publication. I’m not a master of the short format, so I don’t write anything specifically for conferences.

This time, though, I’m going with a completely new topic (surveillance capitalism) that I never wrote about. And it just dawned on me that it might be a good idea to have something written for a conference talk I’m supposed to give in two weeks. And in order to do that, it might also be a pretty OK idea to actually read the novel I’ll be talking about.

Yes, I’m a total slacker.

Bloomberg’s Fault

It’s really sad that all of the leftist attacks on Bloomberg have to do with him not having been in compliance 30 years ago with the inane speech codes of today. Today’s lefties can’t even conceive of any criticism that isn’t grounded in fantasies about sexism-racism-somethingphobia.

Bloomberg’s fault, for the lefties, is not that he’s a neoliberal capitalist. For them, his main defect is that he’s not neoliberal enough. Because if he were, he’d have joined the woke capitalist class a long time ago. Now all that’s needed to do is to goad him to apologize and join the ranks of woke capitalists, and everything will be perfect.


The exact same people who were wailing about Trump’s “horrible trade wars” are now wailing just as loudly about the coming shortages as China shuts down.

I’m from the USSR, so the word “shortages” makes me laugh. It’s even funnier to see people discover that you can’t depend on totalitarian China so completely and destroy your own working class to feed that dependence without consequences.

And by the way, trade protectionism is one of the few remaining anti-neoliberal mechanisms.