Bloomberg’s Fault

It’s really sad that all of the leftist attacks on Bloomberg have to do with him not having been in compliance 30 years ago with the inane speech codes of today. Today’s lefties can’t even conceive of any criticism that isn’t grounded in fantasies about sexism-racism-somethingphobia.

Bloomberg’s fault, for the lefties, is not that he’s a neoliberal capitalist. For them, his main defect is that he’s not neoliberal enough. Because if he were, he’d have joined the woke capitalist class a long time ago. Now all that’s needed to do is to goad him to apologize and join the ranks of woke capitalists, and everything will be perfect.

5 thoughts on “Bloomberg’s Fault”

  1. Those kinds of comments weren’t acceptable then, either and it’s a general, not just a “left” point of view. His apologies don’t sound insincere to me, though, at least not yet


    1. Agreed on the first count, not the second. He was defending stop and frisk as recently as 2015. But I suppose he was a young man of only 73 then; I’m sure he’s truly turned a new leaf now, conveniently just in time for him to run for president. I’ve seen no signs he’s genuinely changed and every sign that he just wants to be president.

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      1. Bloomberg could be Jesus-like in his comments or beliefs, and I’d still not care because he’s a mega rich guy who’s trying to buy an election. To me, that trumps everything. No pun intended.

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  2. I must be insulated due to carefully selecting who I follow on twitter. Even the libs who are primarily focused on him being racist are talking about it the context of his policies, not his words. And of course the wonderful Zaid Jilani has been highlighting his comments and record on a host of issues like social security, the minimum wage, homelessness, etc. Altogether the main criticisms I see are that he’s racist and that he’s a corrupt billionaire trying to buy the election, and I’m seeing quite a lot of the latter. It also seems to be the line of attack Bernie is going with.

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