My doorbell broke. It’s 20 years old, so its time has come.

I went on Amazon to get a new one. And it’s disturbing. The search results show a bunch of creepy things that I don’t identify as doorbells. Most promise to spy on me and my neighbors with various degrees of ingenuity.

All I want a thing you press with your finger and it makes a sound. I don’t need it to do anything else or express any opinions about my life.

7 thoughts on “Doorbell”

  1. Amazon makes the Ring doorbell camera, so that was probably not the best idea. You’d be better off looking a store specializing in home improvement projects, like Home Depot.


  2. My relatives replaced their doorbell years ago, before all the creepy spy doorbells. But they got a “convenient” wireless model, so that they wouldn’t have to run a wire through the wall. It uses the same frequency as their neighbor’s wireless doorbell, so any time either doorbell is pressed, both will ring. They never got around to replacing it, so to this day, when the doorbell rings at their house, and they’re not expecting anyone, they say “oh, it’s probably at the neighbor’s house”. You would not think doorbells were so complicated!


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