I’m challenged in terms of empathy but there’s a group of people I feel extremely compassionate towards. It’s the folks who might consider voting for Bloomberg because they see him as “at least better than Trump.”

11 thoughts on “Empathy”

    1. Bloomberg is 60 billion richer than Trump. So I’m 60 billion times less likely to support him.

      Trump at least honestly attracted crowds. This guy is blatantly trying to buy an election. But he’s “on our team” since 3 seconds ago, so he must be one of the good guys.


      1. Gun safety, climate change, and not egging the brownshirts on as much would be plusses, though. At either level of wealth they’re both so far ahead of the average, I’m like, WTH. I’d rather he not run himself, and fund the Dem nominee in the generals, though.


        1. Not egging on the brownshirts as much? With a Jewish man who embodies every negative stereotype about “Jews who CONTROL THE WORLD,” anti-semitism would explode. Richard Spencer’s pathetic little movement might actually gain some traction. I also have serious doubts he’d do anything about most of the other issues you mention in your comments (gun safety I’ll concede.)


      2. Ah – also hope for better judges and importantly, less privatization of public land. I am VERY concerned about this last in the current administration.

        What I want of course is a rollback of the post 9/11 laws, and president who won’t engage in extrajudicial killings, but I’m unfortunately not hoping for this from any candidate.


      3. …but it’s another rich guy with a very questionable record on a number of things. The logical thing for him to do is donate, not run, but donate, and if I had time I’d speculate about what his actual objective is and who besides him thought this was a good idea


  1. I’m hoping that the general election will be Trump versus Sanders: The Republican candidate psychopath who isn’t even a real Republican against the Democratic candidate Soviet-Union-loving socialist loon who isn’t even a real Democrat.

    But I’ll settle for Trump versus Bloomberg: The Republican candidate psychopath who isn’t even a real Republican against the Democratic candidate New Yorker nanny-state billionaire with an equally inflated ego who isn’t even a real Democrat.

    I’m telling you, Presidential elections get more entertaining every single leap year, running in an uninterrupted pattern since Goldwater vs. Johnson and McGovern vs. Nixon. It must have something to do with global warming — or perhaps, as Democratic guru James Carville says, the coming end of days.


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