The exact same people who were wailing about Trump’s “horrible trade wars” are now wailing just as loudly about the coming shortages as China shuts down.

I’m from the USSR, so the word “shortages” makes me laugh. It’s even funnier to see people discover that you can’t depend on totalitarian China so completely and destroy your own working class to feed that dependence without consequences.

And by the way, trade protectionism is one of the few remaining anti-neoliberal mechanisms.

4 thoughts on “Shortages”

  1. This is what happens when you depend on trade with other countries rather than building your own manufacturing sector! But free trade good…

    The scary part here is not the minor “shortages” we’re about to face, of course, but the real power China holds over us in any international conflict as a result of our dependence on them.


  2. Well, I’m fine with shortages. You don’t even have to be from the USSR. You can be from Lat. Am. and even from the middle class US back before we were supposed to have so. much. stuff. and so much disposable stuff, or be able to get just anything, anytime. The USSR-style shortages will come later and will have climate related causes.


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