This is a really cool invention:

Notpla is an edible material made from seaweed and plants that can encapsulate drinking water other edible materials, eliminating the need for plastic packaging.

Less plastic is always a good idea, so I’m totally into this.

People Are Weird

This is still blowing my mind lol

Close your eyes and imagine an apple. What do you see?

I’m a 5

OK, erm, of course everybody will be a 5 if they close their eyes. I’m a total 5 with my eyes closed. But if I open them, I can imagine anything. I can see whole universes of people, and creatures, or anything I want. I sometimes see things so vividly I get confused and believe it was a movie. Then I start googling it to find out who the director is. But I can’t do it with my eyes closed. Why would anybody associate darkness with seeing? Do you plug up your nose if you want to remember a smell?