This is a really cool invention:

Notpla is an edible material made from seaweed and plants that can encapsulate drinking water other edible materials, eliminating the need for plastic packaging.

Less plastic is always a good idea, so I’m totally into this.

8 thoughts on “Notpla”

  1. “eliminating the need for plastic packaging.”

    Er, what does the manufacturer plan to package this edible material in when it’s shipped, sold, and carried in individual portions by the consumer?


  2. Nice try, Demotrash, but I disagree that Bloomberg’s nanny-state supposedly pro-public-health and anti-climate-change policies, such as banning “Big Gulp” soda drinks and eliminating trans-fats from fast-food restaurant items, would accomplish any of the
    “Notpla” manufacturer’s noble goals. Neither would telling pregnant employees to “kill it,” or pursuing a rigid policy of “stop-and-frisk.”

    Drinks smaller than Big Gulps would still have to be sold in plastic cups to be cost efficient, just as plastic wrap would still be the cheapest packaging for dispensing trans-fat-free-burgers. Medical protocol long ago stopped transporting killed fetuses to the hospital incinerator in expensive glass dishes, so sterile plastic bags would continue to provide their last ride to oblivion. And anyone who watches reruns of “Law & Order” knows that confiscated weapons are placed in plastic bags to avoid fingerprint/DNA contamination of the evidence.

    Disclaimer: Yes, I know that you weren’t actually intending to make any connection between Clarissa’s “Notpla” post and your anti-Bloomberg comment (which with I concur wholeheartedly) — but I couldn’t resist pointing out the missed connections. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


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