And the Winner Is…

Folks, I watched as much of the debate as I could and I have to conclude that, to my greatest regret, Buttigieg won by a large margin. I now understand why he’s winning primaries. I’m obviously not for him but I now get it. He’s a serious candidate. It looked as if he was the only person who actually made the effort to prepare. Hate him, hate him, hate him but he won.

Klobuchar came second and Biden third.

Bloomberg was a total doozy, so let’s forget about him now. He’s a waste of space.

16 thoughts on “And the Winner Is…”

  1. I think that Klobuchar did not do well–too many successful attacks against her that she didn’t defend against very well. But if I were a centrist, she would probably be my choice for the nomination.

    The Telemundo journalist was annoying.

    Pete Buttigieg had a really good line when he declared that we should nominate someone who’s actually a Democrat (i.e., not Sanders or Bloomberg).

    I don’t think Sanders did anything to hurt his chances. And please, media, stop it with the Bernie bro narrative, otherwise known as people on the Internet can be nasty.


    1. I’m so tired about the Bernie bro mythology. (In the spirit of full disclosure, I’ve been called a Bernie bro).

      And yes, I hated that Telemundo person. Annoying and unprofessional.


  2. Clarissa, while no show can live up to Tucker Carlson’s, you might enjoy Rising from Hill TV, hosted by a Bernie loving liberal and a Carlson type conservative (though so far as I can tell the “conservative” has the exact same politics we do.) In a recent segment one of the hosts pointed out that cultural attacks on Bloomberg about how he’s racist aren’t going to work, and I was like yes, finally somebody’s saying it! In general, Saagar Enjeti is more insightful than the vast majority of political commentators, and understands Democratic voters better than most Dems do.


    1. I’ll definitely check it out, thank you!

      Thankfully, Bloomberg took himself out of the running with his pathetic performance at the debate yesterday. I thought nobody could do worse than Jeb Bush against Trump but Bloomberg was actually even more pathetic.


      1. Here’s Saagar Enjeti explaining our views on immigration to a liberal audience (this show is mostly watched by Bernie supporters):

        Enjeti calls himself “new right,” but so far as I can tell he’s left-conservative. He refers to the immigration nonsense in the Democratic party as “left,” but that’s not left, it’s libertarian. However, almost everyone’s forgotten what left wing politics actually are and there’s no place in the institutional left for actual leftism, so I can’t blame him for labeling himself right wing, even if if would be more accurate to say he’s conservative.

        Biggest flaw of the show: blindness to how horrible Andrew Yang is. Yuck.


        1. (You’ve probably gathered by now that I mostly watch this show for the conservative host. I like Krystal Ball well enough and I appreciate her for being one of the only mainstream media figures on Bernie’s side, but she’s definitely the lesser cohost.)


  3. “Buttigieg won by a large margin”

    “Winning” and “losing” these debates are secondary. As I recall Hillary used to regularly mop up the stage with Obama in the 2008 primary race…. and who was the nominee?

    The point is less who’s scoring points on stage in terms of highly informed voters and more whose general image is appealing more to average voters – and the answer to that at this point is still Sanders.


      1. ” As long as there are Latino and black voters, it’s hopeless”

        I sincerely believe the DNC would rather lose with Buttigieg (or anyone else) than have a chance at victory with Sanders…. soooooo……….


      2. \ I don’t think Buttigieg would win the nomination. As long as there are Latino and black voters, it’s hopeless.

        Because he is gay or since he does not appeal to them for another reason?

        Do those voters stay home or vote for Trump?


  4. ” he is gay or since he does not appeal to them for another reason?”

    He’s a white northern liberal, a traditional big handicap in attracting black voters (that’s Sanders’ big hurdle as well, South Carolina will reveal a lot).

    Also, due to their historically disadvantaged position, US black voters are often more about voting to their least disadvantage (to quote from ‘weapons of the weak’) and are a bit quicker to suss out threats and I’m sure they realize Buttigieg would take a sledge hammer to the remnants of government provided services (even as poorly as they function in the US they still manage to do some good)


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