Cleaning Ladies

Elizabeth Warren: “When you’ve got a mess and you really need it cleaned up, you call a woman and get the job done.

Actually, I call my husband because – surprise! – women can suck at cleaning. I know it would come as a shock to Elizabeth Warren but people who are under the age of 70 have already clocked on to the idea that cleaning isn’t done using one’s genitals.

At my house, we use a cleaning service that has two women and one man. And guess what? The man hasn’t tripped on his penis a single time while vacuuming. I know, shocking.

It’s also quite funny how it’s not ok to say that women are the people who have ovaries but it’s perfectly acceptable to say that women are people who clean.

One thought on “Cleaning Ladies”

  1. I have long been a Warren supporter, but she does phrase things badly on regular basis. 😦

    It looks like her presidential campaign is going nowhere and she’ll stay in the Senate. That might be for the best.


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