Watching the Debate

I was hoping Bernie would really go after Bloomberg but he’s just repeating his campaign talking points. Good as they might be, where’s the word “oligarchy”? Where’s “buying election” or “former Republican”?

Warren is mishandling it, too. Bloomberg “made comments” about women. This is deeply annoying. The language of class struggle is dead. Now it’s all about who made non-PC comments. Which Warren herself made as recently as today.


Bloomberg’s argument is “I’m a manager! I’m from New York!” What a clueless SOB.

I was kind of shocked to see Biden on the stage. Hasn’t he dropped out?

And what’s with the stupid fixation on stop and frisk? Not enough rich snowflakes have been pandered to already?


I hate, hate, hate to say this but Buttigieg has the best zingers and is doing the best so far.

Bernie is making play for people in their 70s. Which is kind of weird. Who is it that’s been in the workplace for 45 years and is likely to vote for Bernie? That’s the last group in the country to vote for him. Love the dude but he has zero proposals for anybody over 40, let alone anybody who’s worked for that many years.


Everybody is so desperate, they are rolling out the Berniebro mythology against Bernie. Pathetic.

In response, Bernie is rolling out the “Russian interference” mythology. Oh Lordy.

Klobuchar disappointed by saying the supremely ridiculous “the way to stop sexism on the internet is to nominate a woman.”


As of now, it’s all racism-sexism and zero substance.


One thought on “Watching the Debate”

  1. That’s especially odd considering Bernie has been using that line of attack on Bloomberg in speeches the past few days. Why stop using this effective attack on the day of the debate?


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