Class Vindication

Journalist Mark Steyn’s brutal mockery on Tucker of Bloomberg’s flaccid performance at the debate is one of the most enjoyable instances of class vindication I have ever experienced.

Maybe Bloomberg should be hired to undergo ritual public humiliation. People will enjoy, and he seems quite fine with it. As Tucker said, rich people have been known to have unusual sexual kinks.

The Interview

I just spent five million hours being interviewed by Rod Dreher for his new book. He’s the first professional journalist of this caliber to interview me, and it’s a really unusual experience. You can see the professionalism at work, and it’s invigorating.

It’s only because of Rod Dreher that I go to church today. He didn’t inspire religious belief in me, obviously. I always had that. But I understood from his painstaking explanations why people might want to go to church and decided to try.

The book is going to be about the experiences of the Soviet people under totalitarianism, and why so many of us recognize totalitarian strategies at work in the US today. I feel stunned and almost painfully grateful that somebody in the US is interested in our experiences because ours is the kind of genocide and the kind of totalitarianism that is of no interest to anybody.

P.S. In case you feel like you already read this post, that’s because this is not my first interview with Rod.


Throughout the whole kerfuffle with Klobuchar not knowing the name of the president of Mexico, I keep thinking, “hey, at least now everybody knows the name of Ukraine’s president. Finally, we win!”

On a serious note, I do think it’s a big deal not to know. Mexico has a gigantic border with the US. This isn’t like not knowing the name of the leader of Ghana, with all due respect to Ghana. If you don’t think Mexico matters enough to at least know this, you can’t be president.

Klobuchar’s ignorance also clearly showed in her position on the cartels. She’s clueless. She was tenuous even when saying the phrase “Mexican… uhm… cartels.”

I like her vastly more than I do Buttigieg bug he was right on this one.