Throughout the whole kerfuffle with Klobuchar not knowing the name of the president of Mexico, I keep thinking, “hey, at least now everybody knows the name of Ukraine’s president. Finally, we win!”

On a serious note, I do think it’s a big deal not to know. Mexico has a gigantic border with the US. This isn’t like not knowing the name of the leader of Ghana, with all due respect to Ghana. If you don’t think Mexico matters enough to at least know this, you can’t be president.

Klobuchar’s ignorance also clearly showed in her position on the cartels. She’s clueless. She was tenuous even when saying the phrase “Mexican… uhm… cartels.”

I like her vastly more than I do Buttigieg bug he was right on this one.

2 thoughts on “AMLO”

  1. Why Israel too? 😦

    \ German gunman who killed 9 called for ‘complete extermination’ of Israel, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt
    Rambling manifesto now taken down decries ‘ethnic groups, races or cultures in our midst that are destructive in every respect’; Merkel says shootings exposed ‘poison’ of racism in Germany, pledges to stand up against those who seek to divide the country


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