Class Vindication

Journalist Mark Steyn’s brutal mockery on Tucker of Bloomberg’s flaccid performance at the debate is one of the most enjoyable instances of class vindication I have ever experienced.

Maybe Bloomberg should be hired to undergo ritual public humiliation. People will enjoy, and he seems quite fine with it. As Tucker said, rich people have been known to have unusual sexual kinks.

6 thoughts on “Class Vindication”

  1. OT: Anzaldúa is trying to give her old self voice while also recreating herself as NEW mestiza.
    It parallels giving women voice while at the same time destabilizing the idea of gender / getting rid of the category woman.


  2. Also: do you know this book? It’s Aijaz on nationalism. Old but good. I liked it when I read it and need to review. I think you would like it.
    I think that a lot of battles were fought in the 90s and the neoliberal side of criticism and theory won. If you go back and look at some other less popular work from the period you can see it coming up with formulations we’re still trying to develop now, dissatisfied with neoliberal logics


  3. “Maybe Bloomberg should be hired to undergo ritual public humiliation.”

    Or perhaps Tucker was precedent when he said a few correct statements about Bloomberg during his and Steyn’s giggling hate fest. Tucker pointed out that Bloomberg has over 64 billion dollars at his disposal, and can continue to saturate the airways with ads that will be seen by millions of more people nationwide than saw his sorry debate performance last night.

    Bloomberg can point out that he made his billions honestly by creating a computer software system that provides specific financial data which is widely used in the financial industry, and in the process has provided jobs for thousands of American workers; that during an unprecedented three terms as mayor of New York, he reduced the crime rate in high-crime black-and-brown neighborhoods drastically by significantly increasing the number of cops on the streets, even if some of the cops’ specific acts (e.g., stop and frisk) were ultimately ruled unconstitutional; that he has atoned for his minor sins of once-standard on-the-job sexism by paying multiple small fortunes to the women involved in return for the innocuous request that they keep silent about the specifics of the incidents; and that his brand of unabashed capitalism has not only made intelligent, hard-working people like him rich beyond their wildest dreams, but is the model that spreads wealth downward through lower-level job creation and practical benefit to the U.S. economy.

    So I don’t count him out just yet. Let’s see where things stand after Super Tuesday.

    Personally, I hope that both Bloomberg and Biden — the only two center-left moderates with any chance at all of getting the nomination– ultimately fail, clearing the way for the completely unelectable socialist democrat Sanders to 1) either win the Democratic nomination (after which he will go down in flames in the general election,) or 2) arrive at a brokered convention with the most delegates, but be denied the nomination by the undemocratic Democratic “super-delegates,” causing a major party rift in which sufficient angry pro-Sanders voters stay home to ensure a Republican victory.

    This melodrama gets more interesting everyday!


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