Jonathan has this new productivity method where he writes down what he did every day. I’m not sure how it works but I’ll give it a try. Today I:

– edited a contributor’s excruciating article

– wrote 1,200 words of my Boston talk, which is insane, and I never do that but the words were pouring out of me and I couldn’t stop

– made fish soup

– watched Citizen Kane

– watched Dr Phil

– watched The Profit

[It sounds like a lot of watching but I always watch TV shows while I work or cook]

– graded two student presentations and wrote detailed comments

– added new association members to the system and emailed them

– read Karina Sainz Borgo’s new novel on Venezuela.

Then I picked up my kid and played with her for a few hours.

OK, this is having an effect because I though I’d been useless all day but I actually got some stuff done.

Interesting method.

4 thoughts on “Productivity”

  1. You’ve been watching the wrong shows. You should have been watching the oldies movie channel earlier today that ran the 1969 Japanese science-fiction turkey entitled “The Green Slime,” staring over-the-hill television cowboy actor Robert Horton as the only American in the cast.

    I went to see this movie at a drive-in when I was 24 years old, the night before taking my final medical school exams, figuring that I’d studied enough, and I passed them all. So this flick has a special place in my heart.

    This movie is on a par with the much-overrated big-screen hit “Dr. Zhivago,” which also had a beautiful theme song, but was as boring as the original literature on which it was based.


      1. \ I hate Dr Zhivago. It’s one of the worst novels ever.

        What it bad in it? I heard it is good and had been planning to read it for a while.


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