If You Are Interested in Venezuela

Folks, I’m reading Karina Sainz Borgo’s novel It Would Be Night in Caracas (this is the title of the English translation), and it’s really great. Please read it if you have any interest in Venezuela and want to know what’s going on.

The novel is non-ideological in the sense that the horrors it describes have been present in Latin America throughout the twentieth century. Maduro’s dictatorship is identical to, say, the military dictatorship in El Salvador in the 1980s. Ideology is a pretext for the horror, the brutality, the extreme violence.

However, there are also things that are peculiarly socialist. The suffering of the intelligentsia that sees its apartments invaded and their books shat upon by the lumpen class is exactly like the experience of the educated classes after the Bolshevik revolution.

I’m still reading, so this isn’t a full review. It’s just me brimming with enthusiasm for this novel.

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